Site Statistics

Statistical information website.

Darren Welch - 2009

Single Sign On Prototype

Proof of concept: Umbraco to Totara SSO

Darren Welch - July 2018

Admin site

Internal administration web app.

Darren Welch - 2007

Advert Server

Advert serving web service

Darren Welch - 2008

Taekwondo Quiz

Angular Taekwondo Quiz

Darren Welch - 2018

URL Checker

A tool to check for 404 responses.

Darren Welch - 2017

Women in Healthcare

The annual Women in Healthcare summit website.

Darren Welch - 2018

Medicare Marketing Sales Summit

The annual Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit website.

Darren Welch - 2018

RISE Nashville

The annual RISE Nashville summit website event.

Darren Welch - 2018

Wedding Photo Site

Wedding information site.

Darren Welch - 2016

RISE Health

Networking, Education, Industry Intelligence and Career Development.

Darren Welch - 2018

Smee and Ford

Smee & Ford is the UK's leading provider of trusted legacy information.

Darren Welch - 2011


Trusted solution and market leader for deceased data management.

Darren Welch - 2015

Marketing Spotlight

A cost effective source of new Marketing business leads.

Darren Welch - 2010

HR Nation

A cost effective source of new HR & Training business leads.

Darren Welch - 2010


Online website building business.

Darren Welch - 2017

Choice Reports

Visual representation of Charity Financial information.

Darren Welch - 2011

Charity Financials

Fully interactive online platform containing financial information on UK charities.

Darren Welch - 2010

Pension Funds Online

Essential source for detailed financial & contact data on global pension funds and their advisers.

Darren Welch - 2009

Practice Track

UK's leading supplier of marketing and client service solutions for professional firms.

Darren Welch - 2015

Legal Compliance Association

Networking, learning & support for legal compliance officers

Darren Welch - 2014

AMT Training

AMT Training is an multi currency e-commerce website.

Darren Welch - July 2017