AMT Training

AMT have been equipping analysts and associates with core skills for banking and finance over the past 20 years.

Darren Welch - July 2017

Umbraco Dashboard

I created a custom welcome dashboard to display Nasa's Picture of the day in Umbraco 8

Darren Welch - 22 September 2019

Legal Compliance Association

A Risk & Compliance website launched in 2014.

Darren Welch - 2014

Practice Track

The UK's leading supplier of marketing and client service solutions for professional firms.

Darren Welch - 2015


Website hosting business.

Darren Welch - 2017

Wedding Photo Site

An evolving website, to keep wedding guests informed on our wedding details

Darren Welch - August 2018

Taekwondo Quiz

A Taekwondo quiz built with Angular. A random selection of 10 questions for your current grade.

Darren Welch - 2018

HR Nation

Subsription based HR contact list tool

Darren Welch - 2010

Marketing Spotlight

Subscription based Marketing contact list tool

Darren Welch - 2010


Mortascreen is the original and best deceased suppression file.

Darren Welch - 2015

Smee and Ford

Subscription based legacy giving tool

Darren Welch - 2011

RISE Health

U.S. Healthcare reform website

Darren Welch - 2018

RISE Nashville

Website for the annual RISE Nashville Summit website.

Darren Welch - 2018

Medicare Marketing Sales Summit

An event website for the annual Medicare Marketing Sales Summit

Darren Welch - 2018

Women in Healthcare

An event website for the annua Women in Healthcare Leadership summit

Darren Welch - 2018

URL Checker

A tool to check the validity of multiple URLs

Darren Welch - 2017

Advert Server

A tool to supply adverts and collect stats.

Darren Welch - 2008

Admin site

An intranet tool to create accounts for multiple websites & collect stats.

Darren Welch - 2007

Site Statistics

A intranet tool to display statistics of all of our websites.

Darren Welch - 2009

Single Sign On Prototype

A proof pf concept, connecting from Umbraco to Totara using SAML.

Darren Welch - July 2018

Pension Funds Online

A subscription based website providing contact and financial information for major UK & Intl. Pension Funds.

Darren Welch - 2009

Charity Financials

Subscription based interactive online tool containing the latest available financial information on 163k charities.

Darren Welch - 2010

Choice Reports

A visual representation of individual charity finances.

Darren Welch - 2011

Guide for Pension Trustees

A project I worked on at Wilmington Plc for the Guide for Pension Trustees.

Darren Welch - April 2017