Polish School

Posted 31 July 2022 by Darren Welch

I created this project in my spare time for a number of reasons. 

  • To create my first Umbraco 9 project on .Net5.  
  • To create some tools to help me with learning Polish.
  • To practice using ReactJS on the front end.


So what is the site?


It's a collection of tools to assist with learning Polish.  Thanks to Umbraco's Language variants, I could actually create multiple sites for different languages easily.

The data for the tools is stored in SQL Server & can be edited via the Umbraco CMS.  The website calls that data through an API as JSON data.   I then use ReactJS to interact with the data.

Currently I have 4 tools:

  • Instrumental
  • Accusative
  • Perfective
  • Vocabulary

These are made up of 2 unique games. 

Vocabulary & Perfective consist of flip cards. For vocabulary, you can choose the side of the card you want to see e.g. English/Polish.  Once you think you know the answer, hover your mouse over the card (click on mobile) and watch the card flip to reveal whether you were correct or not.

Accusative & Instrumental, require you to type in the correct words in the specified case.  The tool is smart enough to recognise your answers if you type them with English characters instead of Polish characters.  So for example:  'te kobiete' will be correct and so would 'tę kobietę'.

If you cannot figure out the answer you can hover over the underlined words that require translation and it will give you the nominative version of the words in Polish.  You can then simply apply the rules of the selected tool.

I will add more tools to this when I have some spare time. Including one that will interact with Google's translate API.  Recently becoming a new dad has made spare time a thing of the past so it may be a while yet....