30th Birthday Virtual Card

Posted 25 October 2020 by Darren Welch

30th Birthday Virtual Card

March 2020





My wife's 30th birthday fell during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

So I decided to create a web project which would allow all of her friends and family to give their wishes in a fun way.

I used Umbraco 8 as the CMS.  The great thing about Umbraco is that you can give editors the right to create content but not publish it.  So this is what I did.  I created one guest login which I could send to friends and family to create a birthday wish.  I would then receive a notification via email. I could check the content and publish the page.

The password was sent out with a user guide.  When they logged in, they were welcomed with a dashboard that had a countdown until the big day. 

The birthday wish (page) consisted of a nested content, which would allow them to add the below components:

  • image
  • dual image
  • Youtube video
  • a Giphy image (Thanks to Paul Seal's amazing giphy plugin)
  • Text content (using a rich text editor)

They could add as many of these components as they liked in any order.

The homepage randomly showed 8 message panels.  Displaying the main image & persons name.  Once selected you would be taken to the users Message.  From there you could easily slide to previous or next message.

It worked out really well and I gifted it to her on her birthday on a tablet....A virtual birthday card.