Posted 25 October 2020 by Darren Welch







When I first heard about Blazor I was very excited.  Being able to use C# code on the client sounded great.

So I had to think of something cool to build using this new framework.  At the time I had just begun learning Polish, so I decided to create a tool for myself to help me remember conjugations of verbs.

In english it is very simple. For the verb eat, it is either eat or eats depending on who you talk about:

  • I eat
  • You eat
  • We eat
  • They eat
  • Darren eats

Wheres in Polish and other languages you conjugate the verb so that you don't need to say I, you, we.  for example the word for "to eat" is "Jesć" in polish. So to translate the previous list:

  • Jem
  • Jesz
  • Jemy
  • Jedzą
  • Darren je

This tool allows me to see a verb.  I can then think of the answer and click show for each conjugation to see if I am correct. 

There's so many more features I'd like to add to this.  e.g past tense, future tense, perfective & imperfective.

When I have some more time I will add new features and maybe host it on my server for others to use.