Advert Server

Posted 22 October 2018 by Darren Welch
Advert Server



Wilmington Plc

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ASP.Net Webforms C# SQL Server


Adverts Web Service

An application to allow staff to upload adverts for all of our websites.

Our sales team, would sell an advert of all shapes and sizes, banner ads, button ads, square ads & leaderboards.

The admin team would then go into this application and look up the website, check that the page was available.  If it was not available they could simply add the URL as a new page.  Make sure that the position was available, and then list it with a start date and end date for each page/position.

The adverts will then load onto the relavant pages via a web service.


The website had a stats section, which would list all of the adverts, how many times they had been viewed (page loads) and how many times they had been clicked. The IP address of the originating views/clicks were recorded, to filter out views from our office and to give unique results.