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Welcome to my blog.  Here you will find a collection of useful programming guides amongst other things.

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How to prevent CSS @keyframes from reverting to the start

a guide to show how to load a black background colour after...

13 July 2020

Using Powershell to create a csv of all running services

A script tutorial using Powershell to export a list of running services...

19 April 2020

When and how to use biernik case

When and how to use accusative case in Polish.

15 April 2020

ITF White Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 10th Kup

10th Kup - white belt - grading syllabus. Korean terminology &...

24 March 2020

The latest Corona Virus figures

These are the latest Covid 19 worldwide statistics

16 March 2020

How to connect to server via remote desktop when you don't know the domain name

A simple solution for connecting via RDP to a server when you...

04 March 2020

Using your Gmail address for multiple form submissions.

How to create multiple unique email addresses that all end up in...

30 October 2019

When should I use Yield Return

A short explanation with examples on when & how to use yield...

08 August 2019
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