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Welcome to my blog.  Here you will find a collection of useful programming guides amongst other things.

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Umbraco Member information in one Row

This is an example of returning data from Umbraco Member tables in...

20 July 2017

ITF Green Tag Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 7th Kup

7th Kup - green tag- grading syllabus. Korean terminology & useful...

07 July 2017

Useful Windows Tricks and Shortcuts

A list of Windows shortcuts to make you more productive with your...

26 June 2017

ITF Yellow Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 8th Kup

8th Kup - yellow - grading syllabus. Korean terminology & useful...

16 June 2017

Using Flickr API and JSON to load Content

A short tutorial: How to use JQuery and JSON to retrieve...

06 June 2017

How to prioritise a string in select statement

Using Rank() Over in an SQL select statement to priorites a Varchar...

15 May 2017

Send ctrl alt delete over remote desktop

A quick explanation on how to send ctrl alt delete over a...

13 January 2017

Umbraco - RTE - Add blockquotes

How to add blockquotes as an option to your TinyMCE Richtexteditor in...

06 January 2017
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