ITF Green Tag Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 7th Kup

Posted 07 July 2017 by Darren Welch
  1. Walking Stance - Back Fist Side Strike
  2. Turning Kick - Knife Hand Guarding Block
  3. Walking Stance – Wedging Block
  4. Side Kick - Guarding Block
  5. Walking Stance - Straight Spear Finger Tip Thrust
  6. 3 Step Sparring – Numbers 5, 6 & 7
Meaning of Yellow belt

Yellow signifies earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root, as Tae Kwon-Do foundation is being laid.

Meaning of Green belt

Green signifies the plant's growth as Taekwondo skills begin to develop.

Korean Terms

Parts of the body
Finger Songarak
Group of fingertips Sonkut
Dung Joomuk Backfist

Fixed Stance Gojong Sogi
Korean Terms
General Terms
Straight Sun
Thrust Tulgi
Release from grab Japyosul Tae
Wedging Block Hechyo Makgi
Straight Spear Fingertip Thrust Son Sonkut Tulgi
Backfist Side Strike Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Side Piercing Kick Yop Cha Jirugi
Do San - [Pattern] 24 Movements

Do-San is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn-Chang-Ho (1876-1938). The 24 movements represent his entire life, which he dedicated to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement

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