ITF Yellow Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 8th Kup

Posted 16 June 2017 by Darren Welch
  1. L Stance – Twin forearm Block
  2. Walking Stance - Front Kick / Double Punch
  3. L Stance – Inward Block
  4. Turning Kick, followed by Guarding Block.
  5. L Stance – Forearm Guarding Block
  6. Dan Gun [Pattern]
  7. Three Step Sparring [1 - 4]
  8. Theory questions based on the information below (Plus any previous grading theory).
Meaning of Yellow belt

Yellow signifies earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root, as Tae Kwon-Do foundation is being laid.

Korean Terms

Parts of the body
Back Fist Dung Joomuk
Knifehand Sonkal

L Stance Niunja Sogi
Ready Stance Chunbi Sogi
Korean Terms
General Terms
Three Step Sparring Sambo Matsoki
Inward Anaero
Outward Bakaero
Side Piercing Kick Yop Cha Jirugi
Twin Forearm Blok Sang Palmok Makgi
Semi free sparring Ban Jayoo Matsoki

Basic Movements
Guarding Block Daebi Makgi
Knifehand Guarding Block Sonkal Daebi Makgi
Knifehand Strike Sonkal Taerigi
Back FistStrike Dung JoomukTaerigi
Palm Sonbadak
Dan Gun - [Pattern] 21 Movements

DAN-GUN is named after the holy Dan-Gun, legendary founder of Korea in the year of 2333 BC


Three step sparring

What is 3 step sparring?

Three step sparring is designed for the beginner to learn the basic techniques. It teaches the student many things, including:

  • Proper distance
  • Correct facing
  • Forearm conditioning
  • Correct blocks
  • Correct stances
  • Counter attacks and timing


The attack for Three step sparring is always the same:

Three middle section punches, walking stance. To begin with start in ready stance, take your right leg back & perform a low block with your left arm.


  1. Right leg back [Walking Stance], Middle section, inner forearm block (to the inside). * 3
    Counter attack: Reverse punch.
  2. Left leg back [L Stance], Middle section, inner forearm block. (to the inside). * 3
    Counter attack: Step your leg forward 45 degrees, move the right leg behind the opponents front leg into a left L stance, perform a right knifehand strike to the opponents neck.
  3. Left leg back, [L Stance] Middle section, Inward, outer forearm block (to the inside). * 3
    Counter attack: Slide forward in a left 'L' stance and perform a right front backfist strike to the face/bridge of the nose.
  4. Left leg back [L Stance], Middle section, inner forearm block. (to the inside). * 3
    Counter attack: Move the left leg into a sitting stance, focus with left hand, execute double punch to opponents side.

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