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Welcome to my blog.  Here you will find a collection of useful programming guides amongst other things.

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How to create templates using HTML, JSON & Jquery

An example of how we can create an HTML template to clone...

20 June 2018

Bat and ball game built with HTML & JS

A game built with HTML & Javascript. Grab the code from...

03 May 2018

How to write HTML faster using Zen Coding

Zen coding is a very useful tool to type HTML faster.

16 April 2018

ITF Green Belt Grading Syllabus - Taekwondo - 6th Kup

6th Kup - green - grading syllabus. Korean terminology & useful...

02 March 2018

Basic Javascript Animations

A quick introduction into creating Javascript animations.

10 November 2017

ngIf and ngElse

Simple examples of how to achieve an if/else & an if/else if...

03 November 2017

umbracoUrlName Vs umbracoUrlAlias

A brief explanation of when to use umbracoUrlAlias vs when to use...

04 September 2017

How to select all checkboxes using JQuery

A quick guide with code to show you how to select all...

24 August 2017
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