Narzędnik - Instrumental Case

Narzędnik is the Instrumental case in Polish and the good news is, this is probably the easiest case to learn.

It is used to answer the questions czym? (what?) and kim? (who is?) in situations such as:

describing a relationship,

The word for brother is 'brat' and sister is 'siostra'.  When talking about a brother in narzędnik we add on -em. when we talk about sister we take off the 'a' and replace it with 'ą' 

  • On jest moim bratem (he is my brother)
  • Ona jest moją siostrą (she is my sister)


Describing methods of travel

The word for bus is 'Autobus'.  So to describe travelling by bus it becomes:

  • Jadę autobusem (I'm going by bus)


Talking about nationalities.

  • Jestem Anglikiem (I am an English man)
  • Jestem Polakiem (I am a Polish man)
  • Jestem Polką (I am a Polish woman)


using a tool (instrument)

  • pisanie długopisem (Writing with a pen)


explaining professions and job titles

  • jestem strażakiem (I am a firefighter)
  • jestem nauczycielką (I am a teacher [Female])
  • jestem nauczycielem (I am a teacher [Male])


listing your interests

  • interesuję się samochodami (I am interested in cars [Plural])


After certain prepositions (z, przed, nad, pod)

  • Jestem z Markiem (I am with Marek)


Table of Narzędnik Endings


Gender Adjective ending Noun ending
Masculine -ym [-im (after the letter g or k)] -em
Neuter -ym [-im (after the letter g or k)] -em


Plural Endings - Narzędnik


Gender Adjective ending Noun ending
Masculine/Feminine/Neuter -ymi (or -imi if the last character is a 'k' or a 'g') -ami



Practice what you've learned.

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