Bat and ball game built with HTML & JS

Posted 03 May 2018 by Darren Welch

Looking through some of my of code, I stumbled across this random little game I had been working on.


I had set myself the goal of creating a game using just Javascript & HTML. 


This is what it does so far:


  • If you clear all the bricks, a new set appears & you gain a life.
  • Once your lives have run out, it records your high score 


I'll try to spend some time on this in the coming weeks, feel free to get the code from my Github I'll work on the following improvements next.




  • Add bonus drops at random intervals
  • speed acceleration after clearing all the bricks. With level counter 
  • Leaderboard


Here's the result.  Have fun & let me know your high scores below.


Fork me on GitHub

Darren Welch


Darren Welch

  03 May 2018

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