Creating HTML Helpers

Posted 5 Feb 17 by Darren Welch

What is an HTML Helper?


It's a piece of Razor code that you can call from multiple locations on your page. 


Here's an example:


Create this at the top of your page.


@helper ShowWarning(ByVal warningText As String)
  <span class="warning">
End Helper

To reference this from anywhere within the page.

@ShowWarning("Oh No! There has been an error")

If you feel that this code will be useful enough to use across all your views you can create a global helper.  To do this:


  1. Right click on the app_code folder
  2. Select "Add > New Item"
  3. choose "helper" under the Razor templates
  4. Give the file a name.  Let's call ours "dwHelper".
  5. and put in the helper code above.


You have now made your helper globally accessible.


You will need to make a slight change to your code that calls the helpers now:


@dwHelper.ShowWarning("Oh No! There has been an error")

Darren Welch


Darren Welch

  5 Feb 17

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